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Writing & Music Production

Ian has been writing songs since the age of ten.

“I don’t usually write a song with a particular genre in mind. If it’s a good song it will hold its own, regardless of what style it’s eventually moulded into”.

In the late 80’s until the mid nineties, Ian spent a lot of time working in studios around Liverpool: Hard City, Pearl and Right Track. It was here he honed his recording and production technique.

During this period several albums worth of material were recorded by Liverpool band The Herbs (later The Green Room) but never released.

In October 2012 together with Co-writer and Producer Dave Laing, after much preparation, the Affective Records independent record label was launched as a 'Business, Production and Release platform' for the ever increasing back catalogue of some 300 songs the guys had amassed between them.

Ian has spent a ‘lifetime’ researching and experimenting with the classic production and mixing techniques created in the 1960’s found at E.M.I ABBEY ROADMOTOWN &  STAX studios. He incorporates a flavour of these in his work.

A photo of Ian M Lindsay at Bay TV studios
A photo of the REDD Mixing desk from Abbey Road Studios