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In recent years through research and study, I’ve realised the correlation between applied mathematics, physics and audio production. Beats, bars and measures over time are percentages of whole songs. There is the relationship between pitch, frequency and harmonics for example. The use of ratios when adding dynamics to audio, not to mention chord structures and intervals of notes. This is even before we start to examine the science behind psychoacoustics and how we perceive sound. Understanding the mathematics and theory behind all this, I believe is therefore essential to my future role as an audio producer.

During my studies and lectures, I have been finding it can take me longer to complete the various calculations. This particularly applies when using algebra, logarithms and fractions. The fact that I have been outside of full time education for so long is a contributing factor . It is also true that much of my academic focus previously, was confined to the more creative subjects and I found aspects of mathematics pointless and boring. The net result is that at times I am struggling to keep up with certain lectures.

I have identified measures to resolve this issue:

Firstly I have been revising and refreshing my knowledge of basic mathematics through the use of online tutorials and tests.

Secondly, from my Sound Theory course notes, I have begun to list the various equations and calculations we’ve been using in class. If there’s something I can’t fully understand, I will be researching it further from online resources or textbooks.

Finally, I intend to practise these calculations in situation repeatedly, until I am confident with them.

I love ingesting knowledge and studying mathematics at SAE has been enlightening. I’m finding its application in audio production very absorbing. Ironically, after all these years I’m really enjoying it!

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