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 An image of the Abbey Road Engineers 1950s

From an early age at school I had been seen as a creative and imaginative individual. My writing and poems allowed me the distinction of top grades. Being at home in a in a creative environment is still very much the case today and this can be observed in the lyrical content and composition of my musical portfolio. During my school days I found mathematics boring in comparison and I was blissfully unaware of its importance in my future career.

Having studied computer programming in the late eighties, I began working for the Home Office. I found the concept of structured programming and the ‘Top Down Method’ very useful across the board in my everyday activities and projects. I have an ability to analyse, problem solve and break the process down into smaller and more focused sections.

When working with other musical artists and bands, both in a live situation and in the recording studio, I’ve been able to motive and direct. Creating a good team spirit I have found is essential in getting the best results from people.

I have an eye for detail and I am a bit of a perfectionist, taking pride in the work I undertake. Whilst this is important, sometimes I can get bogged down and spend too much time fixing things that that do not really need fixing.

I do believe I have some very good qualities and skills, which I am constantly trying to hone wherever possible. There is room for improvement in my knowledge and application of mathematics. At times I need to focus more on getting a task completed, rather than wasting time being over critical.

 Roger McGough with Ian M Lindsay