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 An image of the SAE Institute in Liverpool
My name is Ian Lindsay and I am currently studying for an Audio Production Honours degree at the SAE Institute in Liverpool.

I was born in Liverpool during the spring of 1967 and spent all of my childhood growing up in the rural / suburban community of Sefton, in Merseyside. My father was an accomplished singer and pianist, and possessed a vast collection of vinyl records, so there was always music in the house. I remember singing backing vocals and playing sleigh bells on stage with him at a charity event when I was seven! Before turning to music and performance, I worked for several years at the Home Office as a computer programmer.

I’ve been lucky to have been able to earn a living in the music industry over the past twenty-three years although my aspirations have evolved somewhat over that period. I had started out in my teens with the intention of writing, singing and performing in a successful Pop band, and although I’ve been praised as a writer and performer, I think realistically now, being the next big pop sensation is a little unlikely at my age. With that in mind, although I’ll still be performing live shows and concerts, I’m focusing my attention on writing, arranging, composing and producing for other people. The combination of the practical experience I have amassed, together with the Bachelors degree, I would like to think will present an impressive portfolio to my future clients.

 An image of Ian at the Neve console at SAE